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How to Stay Fit During Travel Events

SDC Travel Events Lifestyle Fitness Physical Health
SDC Travel Events Lifestyle Fitness Physical Health
With all that goes on at a travel event, it can be a bit of a struggle to stay fit and true to your usual dietary habits.

If you love to travel the globe and party at lifestyle events, whether it’s with or others, to celebrate the freedom of the lifestyle, it can be a challenge to stay fit enough to party for days and nights on end, without creating the need for a “down” day during your lifestyle vacation. This is especially difficult with an all-inclusive event, where the food, cocktails, and desserts are in your face, plus the fact that you’ll more than likely be a bit sleep deprived.

Gremlins, Anyone?

It’s precisely then when hedonistic cravings sneak around the corner, making you want to eat the sweets, the salty, and the starchy foods. In short, you’ll get a case of the munchies. You can’t help it; it’s just evolutionary stuff ingrained into our human system and has everything to do with the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Sounds pretty much like gremlins that you can’t feed after midnight or else, so there's no need to dive in deeper here for the why. It just is.

Of course, some of you actually diet before an event to be able to fit in those cute outfits for the themes and look your best. Some do this just as an excuse to be able to go all out on food and drinks, and yes, we can totally relate to all of that as well.

Curb the Carbs

It’s good to know where you can cut corners or where you shouldn’t in order to stay on track without a need to crash during or when you get home after. So, here are a few tips to help you stay the course while living up to your dreams and à la carte fantasies:

1. Start each morning with a glass of warm water with lemon or honey. It’ll perk your system right up from the ‘pick your poison’ choices of the previous night.

2. Those pastries and breads are so tempting, but fill up on fresh fruit first to curb the carbs. Any grilled dish is obviously a better choice than anything fried.

3. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you are at the bar with so many sexy couples. Make sure you know your limits, and don’t overdo it on the alcohol. Even though it loosens you up, keep in mind that too much doesn’t make for a good play session.

4. Bring your work-out gear; it’ll increase your motivation for hitting the gym. Or, go for a walk or jog around the deck if on a cruise. Of course, when there is naked yoga, you can leave it in the suitcase.

5. Use an app to try and maintain your health goals on the go. Just know that internet access might be choppy here and there and can be rather pricy when on a cruise!

6. Take the stairs when you can — great for the leg muscles. Just be super careful on those stilettos!

7. Dance! Just bring yourself onto the dance floor, and the DJ takes it from there. And those hot SDC couples, too!

8. Swim! There is a pool, so why not dive in for the activities during the pool parties? There usually is a sweet prize involved with the activities!

9. Drink lots of water. You really can’t hydrate enough when out partying. Most playrooms offer a water station. Make sure to use it.

10. Talking about the playroom, sex is a great way to stay fit, so have lots of it — with yourselves, your significant other, and other like-minded couples there with you!

Resisting is super hard during a lifestyle event, where temptations and desires are at the heart and center of it all. Not to mention, it's where indulging is the whole point to begin with. To stay fit and be able to enjoy everything from beginning to end, however, the above tips may serve you well!

SDC Travel

The SDC Travel Department organizes every year and with pleasure many lifestyle events. It's our team's goal to grow and inspire the lifestyle community in the broadest sense by connecting and bringing together as many couples as possible for positive lifestyle experiences. Our team has a wild love for finding beautiful places for our guests from all over the world to enjoy. We are enthusiastic in all our efforts to enable these couples to connect, while putting customer service at the very top of our to-do list. Our events at 5-star resorts and boutique cruise ships are a draw to many like-minded people from all over the world who come together for educational play shops, fun entertainment, food, drink and dancing but most importantly, to cherish old friendships, as well as making new ones. We believe that all of our events should be the perfect go-to for sexy moods and should leave every guest happy, maybe somewhat rebelliously naughty, and with an overall feeling of satisfaction from being deeply cared for each and every time.
  • Anonymous
Nov 21, 2019
I actually find I'm much more active while traveling that I end up losing weight. But I suppose it depends on how you balance Adventure and exploration vs relaxation.