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Cuckolding vs Hotwifing

No, cuckolds and hotwives are not the same. Learn the distinctions here.

Hotwifing Dynamics

Did you know that there are several ways for a couple to engage in hotwife roleplay? Here are some to try.

Living a Sex Positive Life Episode 78: Florida Center for Hormones...

What is hormone therapy, and what are some of the available treatments?

Dungeon Etiquette

If you're new to kink and BDSM scenes, watch this to learn some of the dos and don'ts in the dungeon.

Video: The LIC Conversations #7: Routines & Rituals

How do you become conscious and intentional about your relationship? Watch this for ideas on how to show up what to do in your relationship to make it extraordinary.

Video: Introducing Smart Erotica, The Modern Couple’s Playbook

Learn about Dr. Jay and Liseth Ferraro's coaching program for couples in the lifestyle and how to start building the relationship of your dreams!

Video: Who We Are & Why We Created The Smart Erotica...

Get to know relationship coaches Dr. Jay and Liseth Ferraro, the creators of the Smart Erotica Program and The Lifestyle Inventory Check-Up.

Video: The LIC Conversations #1: Alignment

As with any successful relationship, it's important that you're on the same page.

Video: The LIC Conversations #2: Unfiltered Communication

Honesty goes a long way in any dynamic, but it's a crucial element in developing a partnership based on Smart Erotica.

Video: The LIC Conversations #3: Conflicts

Problems arise in every relationship, but one based on Smart Erotica deals with it in a healthy, productive way.