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The BDSM & Feminism Discussion

Practicing BDSM is a choice, and gender is not a factor. Having the right to choose is feminism.

Fight Night: Conflict Can Be Helpful Not Hurtful

The passion that makes sex incredible between two people also eventually leads to conflict. Here's how to manage it together.

Funkadelic: How to Get the Funk Out of Your Relationship

All partnerships fall into a rut. Dig your way out together with these tips.

Lack of Empathy: Recognizing a Selfish Partner

Does it feel like your partner doesn't put effort into your relationship?

Q&A: Catching Feelings: How Do We Keep the Lifestyle in Perspective?

Feelings for others can get complicated when a couple practices an open lifestyle.

Q&A: Fight Night: What Should We Do if a Couple We...

Here's what to do when you realize that the couple you're with is not doing okay.

Q&A: My Wife Broke Our No Kissing Rule. What Can We...

It's a common rule that's often broken. Here's how to handle it.

Q&A: The Curve Ball: My Wife Wants to be Polyamorous But...

What do you do when swinging isn't fulfilling enough for your partner?

Q&A: I Want to Have a Threesome with Another Guy. Will...

Threesome questions come up often — especially when the woman wants to try it with another man. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Interview with Rachel Starr XXX: Porn Sex vs Real Sex

Her career doesn't dictate what she enjoys in her personal life. So, what does Rachel really like?