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*Prepare* *Defend* *Support* *Recover* 23 Vitals is the most balanced and coordinated Immuno-Enhancing formula ever created! 23 Vitals provides your "Immuno-Warriors" with the fuel required to continue doing, what they do best! Our immune systems are complex by design and necessity in order to battle the multi-faceted challenges within our bodies and in our environment. However, it can be divided into two major arms or avenues known as the INNATE arm and the ADAPTIVE arm. The innate arm is non-specific and meant to act as a first-line-of-defense to target, detect, and clear unfamiliar or unknown molecules. 23VITALS™ works like a keystone atop a bedrock of important lifestyle practices that may help support your immune system, including but not limited to sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress management, hand hygiene & other guidelines provided by healthcare system authorities. 23VITALS™ provides a comprehensive, end-to-end Immuno-Enhancing formula that is balanced and coordinated to build a more resilient & protective immune system. 23VITALS™ uses 4 different Immuno-Active ingredient blends organized with a treasure trove of Immuno-Resilient bioactive natural compounds to fully prepare & support your healthy immune system to fight and respond to foreign threats. Just one scoop, once a day!