Address PO Box 272, Lakeland, 33860
Telephone 954-319-0566
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Take your relationship to the next level with our innovative and inescapable male chastity devices! Feel the sexual frustration build from an ember into the heat of a raging bonfire while being locked up in our device. If you have the patience to wait it out for more than a day, then you can expect the single best orgasm you have ever experienced in your life when you come out of it - and yes, the longer the lockup, the more intense the orgasm. And if cuckolding is your scene, then this will take your experience to new heights, while you watch your wife with her lover unable to touch yourself for satisfaction while she experiences one blissful orgasm after another.
OPENMINDED982 Dec 7 2020 11:59AM
RATE: 10
Great Company
We are friends with the owner and the patented products are awesome. Though we aren't cuck lifestylers (except in the occasional bull capacity) what we have seen and heard has been amazing. We don't historically review businesses but this is the exception. Everyone raves about the products! Try them out